Holiday Gift Guide #1

During the next few weeks, I will periodically be posting some dance-related gift ideas. These are perfect things to get any dancer in your family or to ask for if you are dancer yourself! You can trust any of my suggestions as I have had personal experience with each.

Échauffe Leg Warmers 


Échauffe Inc. is the creation of the brother and sister duo of Cameron and Caitlin Dieck. Cameron is a dancer with the New York City Ballet and Caitlin, a former professional dancer, is currently a senior at Columbia University. Drawing on their knowledge of ballet dancer’s needs, they and their team paired up with the top knitwear professionals in New York City’s Fashion District to solve some age old legwarmer problems.

Legwarmers have notoriously been considered by professionals and students alike to be poorly manufactured, leaving the ballet dancer with an often bulky and cumbersome product that just does’t cut it. Through this collaboration, revolutionary redesigns of the legwarmer and calfwarmer have been achieved.

  IMG_5114_1024x1024-1 IMG_5157_1024x1024 IMG_5110_1024x1024

These products employ:

・A new unibody seamless design.

・A lightweight wear, which allows the wearer to see muscle definition.

・A 3/4 inch elastic band that eliminates slippage.

・A moisture wicking design to keep the wearer dry.

They have a WIDE range of colors and styles- striped, solid, black, bright, pastel- you name it! They also have both male and female varieties.

All of this has been achieved while creating a beautiful design that will be the envy of all your classmates and/or colleagues. To sum it up, Échauffe Inc. is a dance apparel company based in New York City that promotes social consciousness, fair trade, and sustainability while providing its customers with superior legwarmers made in the United States. Their mission is to design products that delight the spirit and enhance the dance performance of their clients.

Please visit Échauffe Inc  to see their full product line and to place an order.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the brand.


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  1. Probably not the intention of leg warmers, but they are kind of sexy. Why do dancers always wear leg warmers anyway? Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to lower the air conditioner, or is there another purpose to them as well?

    Great blog idea for the holiday season!
    I shall wait to see your other posts but I may pick these up for my friend.

    • Good question! Often times, lowering the AC is just not enough. You might be in a theater where the temperature has to be set at a certain number. It is often to preserve sets, costumes, for the stagehands, and audience. Often time that temperature is too cold for the dancers, so we wear our leg warmers to rehearse and up until the second we go onstage to keep our muscles warm.

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