With audition season coming up, I hope this post will help many of you to be and feel your absolute best!


Photo by David Ryder.

You need to be well prepared for any audition, whether it is for a professional company, a role on Broadway, a temporary job, or a summer program. If you are willing to take the necessary steps, you can have a successful audition and be proud of yourself no matter what the outcome.

First off, do your research. Know things about the company/school/venue you are auditioning for. For instance, if you are trying for a ballet company, know the style they do- is it more of a Balanchine company? Classical? More contemporary? This will give you a hint of what the audition will be like. The same applies if you are auditioning for a summer course. Knowing the style will give you a heads-up on things. If you are auditioning for a role on Broadway or other theatre company, know things about that part. Know the character, know the purpose that that character has. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Not only will you be more prepared, YOU will feel much more confident going in.

At the audition, there are several important things you need to do. Going back to the research thing, know what dance items you will need- pointe shoes, ballet shoes, character shoes, etc. Make sure you have all the necessary items. If you come without these things, you will most likely be eliminated right off the bat. Wear something that is appropriate yet in which you feel your best. For ballet auditions, I would ALWAYS wear a black leotard and pink tights. This shows professionalism and that you are serious. However, it might be a good idea to wear something special in your hair. That way they can have something to remember you by. You won’t just be a number. : “I liked the girl with the red clip” or “The one with the pink flower had a nice jump.” This way, you are not in a completely innapropriate outfit but you will stand out. In a theater audition, you can get away with wearing something bright or more outlandish. Wear a special top, something that no one else has. There again, so they can remember you visually. No matter what you wear and no matter whay type of audition it is, make sure your hair is neat and tidy, your tights don’t have holes, and you just simply look your best.


Photo by Ellen Crane.

 During the audition, PAY ATTENTION!!! Oftentimes, the teachers will give certain arms or a certain head just to see if you are paying attention. It is the people who catch on to these things that really do well. Plus, if you know the combination, you can focus on doing your best and dancing it, rather than trying to remember the steps. Don’t be pushy, don’t stand on top of the teacher! Trust me, that is never a good idea! When it is your turn to dance, do your absolute best. Show your passion and love for the art form. A company is not going to take you if you look miserable!

No matter what happens, remember, they are not looking for perfection. Just YOUR best. And if you are not taken, it may be because of MANY factors- they may only have a certain number of spots, they can only take tall people, or short people. For a role, they may need a blonde girl, or a brunette guy, or they may need someone who has a certain ‘look’. There are so many factors. Take each audition as an experience and something you can learn from.

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  1. I have never been a ballet dancer though emensely admired those who are. I just thought I would mention how impressed I am with the help you are offering to those wishing to improve themselves, through this and on facebook. It is not often you find someone so highly renound and yet is so happy to help the little people. It is nice to know that peoples idols can be people too. Keep up the good work

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